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The conference fee (full rate $300+gst, student rate $150+gst) covers the two-day programme, lunches, morning and afternoon teas and refreshments at the conference networking event on Monday.

Monday, 25 September

Session 1 (9 to 10.30am): The big picture

Time What Topic Presenter
(10 mins)
Conference welcome and outline Mission Possible: $1 Billion more Bob Major, Chair, High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge
(20 mins)
High-Value Nutrition strategy Nutritional science fuelling innovation Co-presenters:
Joanne Todd, Challenge Director
Martin Kussmann, Chief Scientist
(45 mins + 15 mins Q&A)
Keynote speaker What’s our second brain thinking?- the influence of the gut-brain axis on our health and wellbeing Pierre Dechellotte
Université de Rouen Département de Médecine
10.30am to 10.55am
25 mins
Morning tea

Session 2 (11am-2pm includes lunch): Consumers are local, trends are global

Time What Topic Presenter
10.55-11.00am Introduction: format and speakers Consumers are local, trends are global Chair: Sean Strain, Professor of Human Nutrition, Ulster University
(40 mins)
Keynote speaker The value chain starts in the mind of the consumer Peter Wennstrom, founder The Healthy Marketing Team
(30 mins)
Markets, economic impact, global trends Measuring what counts: revenue and reputation


Bill Kaye-Blake, Partner, PWC, Caroline Saunders, Director, Agribusiness and Economics Research Unit, Lincoln University

12.10-1pm (50 mins) Lunch
(30 mins)
Strategic Research Consumer Insights At home with new mums in China Introduction: Roger Harker, Plant and Food Research Presenter: Denise Conroy,  University of Auckland
1.30-1.50pm Industry case study Mixes well with others  Bridget Coates, Kura Nutrition
(10 mins)
Expert panel Q and A with audience Consumers are local, trends are global

Chair: Sean Strain

Panel: Denise Conroy, Caroline Saunders, Peter Wennstrom, Bill Kaye-Blake,  Roger Harker, Bridget Coates

Session 3 (2 to 3.25 pm) High-value Nutrition and metabolic health

Time What Topic Presenter
(5 mins)
Session 3 introduction High-Value Nutrition and metabolic health Chair- Frank Bloomfield, Director, Liggins Institute
(15 mins)
Strategic research:
Peak Nutrition for Metabolic Health (Panama)
Metabolic health:  the diabetes tsunami –  a rising tide for Asia Sally Poppitt, Director, Human Nutrition Unit, University of Auckland
(2 x 15 mins)
Research spotlight

Insights into diabetes susceptibility and resilience: outcomes from the TOFI_Asia Study

Vision Mātauranga: Innovation and the Māori world view

Ivana Sequiera, Research Fellow, Human Nutrition Unit University of Auckland.


Meika Foster, Nuku ki e Puku group

2.50- 3.15pm
(25 mins)
Industry case studies

Heath claims are not (necessarily) the Holy Grail’

Turning over a new leaf

Juliet Ansell, Innovation leader, Nutrition and Health, Zespri

Jackie Evans, Head of Product Research, Comvita

Question time High-Value Nutrition and metabolic health Chair: Frank Bloomfield
Panel: Sally Poppitt, Ivana Sequiera, Meika Foster, Juliet Ansell, Jackie Evans
Afternoon tea/coffee

Session 4 (3.40 to 4.30pm) From eureka to market

Time What Topic Presenter
(5 mins)
Introduction From eureka to market Chair: Joanne Todd, Challenge Director
(20 mins)
4 x 5 mins quick fire presentations from key agencies Navigating the High-Value Nutrition ecosystem Craig Armstrong NZTE, Lauren Smith, Callaghan innovation, Angus Brown, Food Bowl, NZ Food Innovation Network; Donnell Alexander, Ministry of Primacy Industries
(20 mins)
Intellectual property Guarding your recipes for success John Mansell, James and Wells
(5 mins)
Question time From eureka to market

Chair: Joanne Todd

Panel: Craig Armstrong, Lauren Smith, Angus Brown, Donnell Alexander, John Mansell

(10 mins)
Wrap for the day Insights from Day One Challenge Director Joanne Todd
4.40pm – 6pm Conference networking over refreshments and nibbles


Tuesday, 26 September

Time What Topic Presenter
7.30-8.20am Meet the High-Value Nutrition experts: two optional special conference breakfasts ($25)

Navigating the regulatory roadmap to health claims


Four factors to success: the checklist for success in food and health marketing

Donnell Alexander, Senior Adviser Food Claims, Ministry of Primary Industries


Peter Wennstrom, founder, The Healthy Marketing Team

Session 5 (8.45 to 10am): High-value nutrition and healthy digestion

Time What Topic Presenter
(5 mins)
Introduction High-value nutrition and healthy digestion Chair: Connie Weaver, Dept of Nutrition Science, Purdue University
(15 mins)
Strategic research Unlocking the mysteries of gut comfort Introduction: Science leader  Nicole Roy, Food and Nutrition AgResearch
(30 mins)
Research spotlight

Emerging biomarkers of healthy digestion

Are microbes the missing piece of the gut comfort puzzle?

Karl Fraser (AgResearch)


Wayne Young, AgResearch

(15 mins)
Industry case study A2 milk and healthy digestion Andrew Clarke, Director Innovation, A2 Milk
(10 mins)
Q and A High-Value Nutrition and Healthy Digestion

Chair: Connie Weaver

Panel: Karl Fraser, Wayne Young, Nicole Roy, Andrew Clark

(20 mins)
Morning tea

Session 6 (10.15am to 11:40): High-value nutrition and enhanced immunity

Time What Topic Presenter
(5 mins)
Introduction High-value nutrition and enhanced immunity Chair Phil Calder University of Southhampton
(15 mins)
Strategic research Finding the right bioactives to build a stronger immune system Olivier Gasser, Malaghan Institute
(30 mins)
Research spotlight

Functional foods for keeping lungs healthy in polluted cities

Enhancing flu vaccine efficacy with functional foods

Odette Shaw Plant and Food Research
Anna Mooney Malaghan Institute
(15 mins)
Industry case studies Foods to support stressed lungs Wayne Mulligan, Anagenix
(10 mins)
Question time High-value Nutrition and enhanced immunity

Chair Phil Calder

Panel: Olivier Gasser, Odette Shaw, Anna Mooney, Wayne Mulligan

(50 mins)

Session 7 (12.30 to 1.25pm): High-value Nutrition and healthy babies

Time What Topic Presenter
(5 mins)
High-Value Nutrition strategic research High-value nutrition and healthy babies Chair: Kevin Marshall
(30 mins)
Research spotlight

Good bacteria for healthy babies

Seeding through feeding

Clare Wall, University of Auckland

Martin Kussmann, Liggins Institute

(10 mins)
Industry case studies How a safe “raw” milk can reduce allergies Kusal Perera, Miraka
Question time High-Value Nutrition and healthy babies

Chair Kevin Marshall,

Panel: Clare Wall, Martin Kussmann, Kusal Perera

Session 8 (1.25 to 2.30pm): Designing bioactive foods

Time What Topic Presenter
(5 mins)
High-Value Nutrition Strategic research Designing bioactive foods Chair:Martin Kussmann
(10 mins)
Research spotlight Redesigning how we develop foods with bioactives Harjinder Singh, Massey University Institute of Food Science and Technology
1.45-2.00 pm
(2x 10 mins)
Research spotlight Right time, right place: bioactive delivery systems

Alejandra Acevedo

Zhigao Nu

Massey University

2.00-2.10 pm
 Research spotlight What about the texture? Bryony James, Research Centre for Surface and Materials Science, University of Auckland
(10 mins)
Industry case study  Targeting the gut microbiome: New technology for commercially viable synbiotics Peter Brown, Innovation and Research Manager, Goodman Fielder
The science behind designing bioactive foods Designing bioactive foods

Chair Martin Kussmann

Panel: Harjinder Singh, Bryony James, Alexandra Acevedo, Zhigao Nu, Peter Brown.

(20 mins)
Afternoon tea

Session 9 (2.50 to 4pm):  Make a date with the High-Value Nutrition Challenge

Time What Topic Presenter
Matchmaking and speed dating: connect and collaborate Challenge team
3.50-4.00pm From projects to programme – the future of High-Value Nutrition Martin Kussmann, Chief Scientist
4.00-4.10pm Closing Nutritional science fuelling innovation Challenge director, Joanne Todd
4.15pm Conference concludes


Peter Wennström photo

Peter Wennström

Peter Wennström, is one of the world’s leading experts in nutrition marketing and the founder of international consultancy the Healthy Marketing Team.
Pierre Dechellotte photo

Pierre Dechellotte

Pierre Dechellotte leads the research group UMR 1073 Inserm at Rouen University and is a biotech entrepreneur. He is a leading expert and international speaker on the gut-brain axis.
Martin Kussmann photo

Martin Kussmann

Martin Kussmann is the Chief Scientist for the Centre for High-Value Nutrition National Science Challenge and is the Professor of Systems Biology in Nutrition and Health at the Liggins Institute at the University of Auckland.

Research snapshots from the Centre for High-Value Nutrition

Professor Sally Poppitt of the High-Value Nutrition science leadership team explains how better nutrition can tackle the global diabetes epidemic and what the Thin on the outside, fat on the inside profile means for Asian consumers.

Dr Nicole Roy of the High-Value Nutrition science leadership team describes how innovative research on the gut-brain axis is addressing the difficult to pigeonhole but common malady Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Dr Roger Harker, science leader of Consumer and Product Insights talks about the insights into Chinese and Asian consumers that our companies will need to succeed in our major markets.

Grand Millennium Hotel

Cnr Mayoral Drive and Vincent St,
City Centre, Auckland


Grand Millennium, Auckland

cnr Mayoral Drive and Vincent St,
City Centre, Auckland

Monday 25 Sept, Tuesday 26 Sept

$300 for industry and research participants
$150 for students (Two-day registration only)

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